Community Room & Calendar

The Vision
The Missoula Wellness Center (MWC) is creating a Community Room for "Self Love, Meditation and Growth Through Education." This venue aims to help Western Montanans experience self discovery, meditation and growth through thought-provoking events, classes or an open space to "just be."

Our Mission
MWC is providing an ongoing environment that will allow people of all ages to begin and continue exploring self-discovery, self-love, and and a variety of educational opportunities -- to both support individuals and the community.

The Community Room will be used for many different things like Open Meditation (free) and Guided Meditation Classes (a donation or fee may apply). Meditation Classes will range from children's meditation to advanced practice. Other classes will include Yoga, Tai Chi, Reiki, self defense, Women's groups, Men's groups, Possibility Management groups and others.  

Open meditation Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9am to 5pm. Friday from 9am to 12:00.
What is open meditation? It is when anyone can come in have a seat and meditate as long as you would like.
This is sponsored by Missoula Wellness Center and a gift to the community.